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Jan 20, 2011 4:30am PST
for untold powerpoint presentations. nobody really knows for sure. what we do know for sure is it's a hazard, something that people should not do. never point a laser pointer at a sky at a person at an airplane, never. >> reporter: but they are not just pointing them at airplanes. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say people often shine them at their helicopter during night patrols and last year, they made five arrests. this is one of the confiscated devices. it's actually four lasers taped together for maximum effect. sergeant jim helms was in the cockpit when it happened. >> the initial point of the laser very small but when it gets to be four to five miles away, the size of the actual beam is quite larger and -- >> four at the same time? >> basically what happens is the aircraft, the fuselage is curved. none of the windshields are flat. they are curved. so when the beam hits the windshield it acts like a prison and illuminates the cockpit. it's not one little beam coming through. and it can temporarily blind or permanently cause damage to eyes. >> reporter: other law enforcement agenc
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1